didja miss me? hmm?


Bet you thought I died. I know it's been like a year since I updated this thing.

Working like hell these days. I work long hours at the restaurant and when I am not there I'm at the funeral home. I know I keep saying I will quit the funeral home but I feel some kind of weird loyalty to the boss even tho he's kind of a dick sometimes.

I have been going to plenty of parties lately. Some of them have turned weird. Lots and lots of slaves in search of masters. Lots of sex. Dorian and I get come ons and offers to swing. But the offers usually come from fat creepy old guys. If we were going to swing with anyone it might be Sandor K who is kinda cute with blond hair. I could consider making out in the same room with our friends B and Flike but would not swap partners with them or anything like that. We joke about getting it on with our friend Hermes but if he really did offer it D and I would probably just panic or something. Maybe we are not as badass as we think we are.

People around here are getting weird. All the sex is turning into master/slave stuff. Every party seems to be all about that. I have done some of that stuff with Dorian but on a real small scale. It is more like kidding around and not for real. I do not even know which one of us is dominant. Sometimes it is him and sometimes it's me. In sex it is me cause I have more experience. Outside the bedroom it's usually him. He knows a lot more than me. He has travelled and been around more. We learn from each other all the time.

We are supposed to have dinner with my Dad tonight. Mom is out of town. Dad is bored and lonely. Bored and lonely enough to hang out with us. It will be my brother Slakker, Dorian and me. My brother Nicky was supposed to come too but ended up with something to do tonight he could not get out of. It's just as well. Not that I don't want to hang with Nicky but without him we can have a real adult conversation and we do not have to always watch what we say. We will hang out with Nicky later. I have been wanting to pick Dad's brain and really talk to him. With Mom gone he might be more inclined to open up and talk.

I went to church with Slakker on Saturday night. He is Catholic. On Sunday he went to church with me (and Dorian.)

I am supposed to remind Dorian to write his cousin in England today. He keeps forgetting and his letter is way overdue.

I am worried about my friend Jacky. Not only is he acting real weird (sorry Jack but its true) but he may be moving away. That would just about kill me and it would be even worse on my brother. Slakker loves him so much. We all do. And Sandor is crazy about him. Jacky is a true original. I have never met another person like him. I told him that the other day and he said thank God. Jacky said if there is anyone else like him he feels sorry for the poor motherfucker.

I have got to go visit Jacky in a while. He has been sick with some awful stomach problem. He is in bed and cannot work today. He cant stop throwing up. He tried to have a few spoons of chicken soup last night and could not keep even that little bit down. I think Sandor is sitting with him and is also helping take care of Jacky's stepdad Rudy who is real sick today too. Slakker told me to call Herschel to take Jacky's place at work. Herschel was supposed to be off today but said it is no problem he can come in. So we have got Jacky's shift covered.

I'm off from the funeral home today. Yay. Last time I was there it was a pain. Some old bat was acting like a total bitch to Beryl because his hair is long. He is real neat and clean and keeps his hair back in a ponytail but she did not want a hippie working on her husband's body. Beryl has long hair but he is hardly what I'd call a hippie in any way. She said that Beryl was not to touch her husband who was a patriot and fought in the war. Whatever. She was so busy griping about Beryl's hair that she did not seem to notice he's not exactly the only male staff member with long hair. Later I think she said she was sorry. She was happy with the service we gave her.

Dorian and I got to hang out with these two old queers and they are so cool. They're like a hundred years old and have been together forever. They are funny and polite like two little old ladies. They have that cool kind of energy some couples get when they have been together a real long time. They're almost like one person or something.

I better go. I'm supposed to be at the restaurant soon. I will help Herschel make chocolate raspberry sauce and also fruit salad. We have been selling the hell out of lemonade and fruit salad. Summer stuff I guess. I may be waiting tables part of the time. I get good tips. That is because I am charming as hell.

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